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Apartments Bufalo***

Apartments in Primošten. Cca 150 m from the sea and 350 m from the centre of Primošten. Peaceful location in the reach of the city.

Superior apartment Discover***

The newly renovated apartment with two separate bedrooms and a sofa bed for 2 persons. Equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, wi-fi, washing machine and washer. Terrace with 20 m2. About 250 m from the beach and from the town center.

Apartments Lala****

Apartments on the top location in Primosten. Situated directly on the beach with beautifull view on Primosten and sea.

Apartments Mira***

Apartments for 4 and for 5 persons, directly by the sea and beach in Primosten. Top location with sea view, view on Primosten, air condition, tv, wi-fi.

Apartments Brico***

Apartments situated in the old part of Primosten, directly on the beach and with sea view.

Apartments Grozdana

Apartments from 2 till 5 persons in Primosten. Cca 250 m from the sea and cca 300 m the old town.

Apartments Brne***

Apartments in Primošten with SAT-TV, air condition and sea view.

Apartments Neda***

Apartments in Primosten for good price. 400 m from the sea and centre of the city.

Apartments Marija***

Big apartments with SAT-TV and air condition.

Apartment Branko***

Apartment for 7 persons in Primosten, with air condition and TV.

Apartments Žaja***

Fully equipped apartments in the center of Primosten, with air conditioning in every room, 2x toilets, dishwasher and microwave, with balcony and wi-fi. 100 meters from the beach.

Apartments Eva***

Apartments in the centre of Primosten, Croatia. 150 m from the beach. Apartments for 4 and for 7 persons!

Apartments Matosa***

Apartments for 8, 6 and 4 persons in Primosten. With air condition, TV and wi-fi.

Apartments Žuvan***

Air condition, TV, nearby Primosten's center with parking included.

Apartments Belak***

Apartments situated 20 m from the beach.

Apartments Zeljko***

Apartments in Primosten for 6 and for 8 persons. Air condition, TV, wi-fi.

Apartments Šubašić***

Apartments on top location, situated 10 m from the beach with air condition and SAT-TV.

Apartments Joso***

Comfortable and well equipted apartments in Primosten with sea view. With SAT-TV, air condition and wi-fi.

Apartments Paško***

Apartments with 2 separated bedrooms each, cca 200 m from the beach and centre of Primošten.

Apartment Josipa***

Apartment with 3 separated bedrooms in Primosten, Croatia. Good price!

Apartments Ante***

Apartments in the centre of Primosten, Croatia. Ideal for 2 adults and 2 children,
or 2 adults and 1 child.

Apartments Vesna***

Apartments for 2 , 4 and 8 persons, with beautiful sea view.
Air condition, TV.

Apartments Mileva***

Apartments for 6 persons with 3 separated bedrooms, at the centre of Primosten.

Apartment Bozo***

Apartment in the old city of Primosten, 20 m from the beach and from the center. For 2 persons or 2 persons and 2 (1) children.

Apartments Bolanca***

Comfortable apartments for 5 and 8 persons, nearby the centre of Primosten.

Apartments Juric***

Low prices apartments in Primosten For 6 and 8 persons.

Apartment Mirjana***

Apartment for 4 persons, with 2 separated bedrooms, in the centre of Primosten, Croatia.

Apartment Jane***

Apartment in Primosten with 3 separated bedrooms, TV, wi-fi, air condition and large terracce.

Apartments Zorka***

Apartments for 5 and 3 persons in Primosten, Croatia. Air condition, TV, wi-fi.
Good price!

Apartments Jerko***

Newly renovated apartments in Primosten for 2 or 3 persons. With air condition, TV, wi-fi.

Apartment Zeljka***

Apartment with 2 separated bedrooms in the dowtown of Primosten. Air condition, TV, wi-fi. Near the beach and the old town. 

Apartments Poce***

Apartments in the old town of Primosten. Directly by the sea. Ideal for 2 adults and 1 or 2 children.

Villa Tovarovica Primosten

Luxury stone villa with swimming pool and garden of 6000 m2, in the outback of Primosten, Croatia. It can accommodate up to 18 people.

Apartments Antonio***

Apartments for 2 adults and 1(2) persons as well as for 10 persons in Primosten. Air condition, wi-fi, tv. Cca 250 m from the sea and cca 350 m from the old town.

Apartment Zvone***

Apartment 4+2 in the centre of Primosten.

Apartments Cica***

Apartments in Primosten, Croatia. From 2 till 9 persons. Cca 250 m from the sea and from the centre. Air condition and wi-fi.

Apartment Tome***

Apartment 2+2 in the old town of Primosten, on peninsula. Wtih air condition, TV, wi-fi. Cca 100 m form the sea and the beach.