June & September

Discount 30%  

Book private accommodation in June and September and receive the following benefits:

  • over 30% lower prices compared to the july and august!  For example: the price of apartments for 4 persons in the july and august are, on average, from 70.00 to 90.00 EUR! In june and semptember, that same apartment is available for 40,00 EUR! The savings is 200,00 eur or more for 7 days vacation! The money you save on accommodation you can spend, for example, on excursions to enrich your experience of the destination or you can just leave it in your pocket!
  • In this period Adriatic sea is very suitable for swimming with fewer crowds on the beaches! June has the longest days of the year!
  • All the facilities that are open in the season like restaurants, cafe bars and nightlife, are open and avaliable in this period of the year as well!
  • Less crowded allows you to get better service!
  • Apartments and guest room owners appreciate guests that come during this period so they usualy can devote more time to quality of the service and offer additional services that are not always necessary to be payed! The same goes for restaurants, bars and others!

View our selection of the apartments and other accommodation on the folowing link:
http://www.discover-dalmatia.hr/private-accommodation Dalmatia Croatia Adriatic/acc-en
and discover the convenience of holidays in this period of the year!