Zlosela was first mentioned 1298 in documents upon foundation of archbishopric of Šibenik and it belongs to the parish of Srima east of Vodice. The town changes its name into Pirovac in the year 1930. The important person in history of Pirovac is Petar Draganić, a member of Venetian fleet in Šibenik. Because of the danger from Turks that increased when 1436 Bosnia capitulated as well as due to frequent attacks, Draganić filled up sika (small island by the coast) on the place of today's old center and built a fortress with bulwarks, church and parish house, as well as houses for inhabitants who became his subjects. Pirovac is also mentioned in the book "Viaggio in Dalmazia" by Alberto Fortis.

Position and climate:

Pirovac is situated on the coast 20 km away from the Sibenik and 55 km from Zadar. It is known for its beautiful beaches. There are 2 National parks in the area: Krka and Kornati and only 5 km away there is a lake called "Vransko" known by the sport fishing. Pirovac has a very good connections with the "Zagreb-Split" highway (exit/entrance Pirovac, 20 km distance) and with "Adriatic road". The climate is mediterenian.

Culture and tourism:

The population of Pirovac are specialy proud of "National music of Pirovac" that has been active for already 48 years and in 2007 it will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its existence.
Cultural and literary association "Bezdan" was founded in 1986.The fact that it participated on some of the biggest festivals of traditional music and dancing in Croatia only confirms its importance. Tourism is the main economical industry of this town and the local people will always welcome You here.

Did You know?