• In today's turbulent and dynamic time of the business environment, teambuilding for companies is an ideal way to move away from everyday business, and at the same time an opportunity for employees to get to know each other, develop team spirit and raise the level of their motivation. Let the "Discover Dalmatia" agency with many years of experience in organizing original teambuilding programs be your first and only choice in the area of ​​Šibenik and its surroundings!
Treasure of the city Šibenik

TeambuildingTreasure of the city Šibenik

The old town of Sibenik is a Croatian cultural heritage. The rich history of this Mediterranean city can be felt on every corner and stone. Find the treasure and get to know the sights and history of Šibenik!
Safari sailing

TeambuildingSafari sailing

You are tired of daily routine?
You would like to experience some excitement and You are admirer of the nature?
Give yourself over to profesional sailors who will carry forward their passion for the sea on You!